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AllDo introduces itself as a search, conception, testing and manufacturing engine, born to the tradition and experience of Cardinalini & C. Spa.

AllDo is located on the Cardinalini’s industrial site, which is a major actor since more than 50 years on the market of the luxury ready-to-wear (M/W/Kids) production, of pieces made in jersey and cut knitwear, benefitting of its experience and expertise.
Our aim is to provide to our clients an evolved and complete product development, pattern making and collection samples service with a support in the choice of raw materials, in the analysis of chemical compositions of those last and in the study of the industrialisation of the product.

The name "AllDo" is a play on words which makes a reference to our full-service package (literally "All Do"), but also a tribute to the memory of the Grandfather Aldo, founder of Cardinalini & C. spa and a real precursor  in the tradition of  family business in the textile and clothing industry.
The company adapts to the evolution of times, environment, habits and trends: but also to the way of working and to the increasingly fast manufacturing times.
We are always looking for solutions during the conception of product.

Our mission is to offer a structured and operational support to companies, allowing them to realize a just-in-time production (during sampling phase) and optimized to the maximum: with quick development times adapted to the specific needs of our customers, a minimization of production waste and a guarantee of respecting delivery deadlines, enabling of savings (time, material and energy) during all stages of the design process.





A research and innovation activity, a "think tank". It all starts from the study of the product in collaboration with the design office.
A preliminary meeting helps to define the client's ideas, to understand and to soak up the inspirations and the collection, but also to assimilate the lines, the shapes and the final aspect of the garment. We make available to stylists our extensive archives of seams / finishing, that can be adapted on request, depending on materials, colours and measurements.
We also offer technical solutions in the work of the jersey and cut knitwear related to the history of Cardinalini.
Moreover, one of our specialties is the combination of our favourite’s fabrics with leather and technical fabrics: this work that requires experience, high precision, technique and a particular know-how.


After the studying of the sketches, we proceed to the realization of pattern thanks to some solid basis in jersey and cut knitwear, tested by a highly qualified staff.
Historical collaborations with customers from different markets (lingerie, M/W and Kids ready to wear) allow us to study patterns adapted to different morphologies and cuts.


We make a first prototype from which we bring some changes and adjustments in the course of requests, until arriving to a perfect collection sample. The production process is guaranteed by an internal production line that includes: automatic and manual cutting, making, supervision by our internal mechanics, quality control, ironing and packaging. Thanks to the coordination with others Italians laboratories in the textile and clothing industry, the company is in position to carry out the realisation of serigraphic printing, industrial washings, and various checks and fabrics treatments. The delivery times of the collection are planned during a preliminary stage guaranteeing to the customer, deliveries on schedule. The main objective is to realize all or part of the collection in the most optimal way possible to be economically competitive, while safeguarding the artisanal and manual aspect of the work.


We have an office dedicated to the study and programming of embroideries, with which we can evaluate and design the best applications to be affixed to the sample and then embroidered internally with the support of our industrial machine.


The industrialisation phase calls on Cardinalini’s technical skills and historical expertise that result from its long experience on the market of the production luxury ready-to-wear. Once the collection phase has been over, we offer to our customers an accurate study of the samples, providing them all the necessary and useful basis and materials to better manage the future production.



After making some tests on the collection samples, we proceed to development of the sizes thanks to our different software’s and automatic placements.


At cutting time, we evaluate the optimisation of the placements in order to allow to the customer to reduce costs related to a subsequent production.


We have in-house printers dedicated to the printing of patterns, both in the collection and production phase, reducing in this way the possible external management costs but also the waiting times.


Our qualified staff is in charge of supervising the analysis laboratories, washing tests, contacts with suppliers, printers and all other feasible treatments, relationships with raw materials’ and accessories’ suppliers, and to provide to customers an accurate feedback and some constant updates about the work in progress


Maisons de Couture and luxury ready-to-wear designer brands.

Young designers for the development of their collection.

Companies in the area, or young entrepreneurs with the aim of creating partnerships or developing new ideas with products featuring jersey and / or cut knitwear.

VIP and Press Samples.


Via dello Scalo, 21 | 05026 Montecastrilli (TR) Italy
Tel: +39 0744.1950843

Facebook: Alldo Srl
Instagram: alldo_ricerca_jersey


GPS: Latitudine: 42.657597 | Longitudine : 12.535889

From Rome – 1h 24 min (107 km): Take A1 dir. /E35 de Via Salaria. Follow A1 dir. /E35, A1/E45 and SS3bis, direction Montecastrilli Exit Montecastrilli-Avigliano-Umbro from E45/SS3bis.

From Florence – 2h 22 min (212 km): Take via Ghibellina and SS67, direction Via Marco polo. Follow A1/E35, Reach Highway 6 Bettolle-Perugia/Reach Highway A1 Perugia and E45/SS3bis, direction Montecastrilli. Exit Montecastrilli-Avigliano-Umbro from E45/SS3bis.


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